February 26, 2016

Embryo update

Just a quick update.

I thought the clinic were going to call me yesterday afternoon but I didn't hear from them until this morning.

The nurse said of the five eggs collected yesterday, only two could be injected with sperm. The others mustn't have been mature or good quality. Today those two are showing good signs of fertilisation. I start with my first six clicks of Ovidrel any time tomorrow (for luteal support, instead of Crinone thank god!) and they'll give me another embryo update on Sunday (2 days from today). At this stage my transfer, if it goes ahead, will be on Tuesday (5 day transfer).

I stupidly got excited yesterday at the thought of having enough embryos to freeze. I should know better. This is all we ever get and we're lucky to end up with one to transfer. Feeling more than a little deflated. And crampy.

Got to pick myself up & have a lovely day out with hubby today. And cling onto hope.

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