June 23, 2012

20 weeks BUMP!

Getting lots more comments at work lately - people who've only just noticed (or got the nerve up to ask) that I'm pregnant. One horrible lady I don't have to work with often, thank God, said tonight "my GOD you're getting HUGE! Funny how you start hiding it, and now you're just letting it all out". Yeh, whatever. Good job I'm happy to be getting bigger.. but seriously, how about a bit of tact just in case I was the sensitive type! Meh.

Anyhoo, Malibu is kicking me lots more lately. Very happy about that, although it can be a bit distracting in my job LOL. Unfortunately DP hasn't felt it yet. Every time he puts his hand on my belly Malibu stops altogether. I keep telling him he's the "Baby Whisperer" and he'll be the calming influence when bub is here. I'm disappointed though. I want him to share in this awesomeness.

Having a few symptoms here & there. Here's my list of complaints so far:

* Gas pains!! To the point that it spread to my collarbone last night & I felt like I was being stabbed there! Ouch! After a warm shower I'm managed to, ahem, get rid of most of it before I went to bed. 
* Twitching eye, on & off for months! And my vision seems to have gotten worse.
* Flashing lights in peripheral vision - black & white, like an aura you get before a migraine but doesn't turn into one.
* Raging pulse! When I press my belly or anything else, I can feel my throbbing pulse in my fingertips. All that blood rushing around.
* Itchy bump, but I'm using Bio Oil & moisturiser twice a day so it's not too bad.
* Sore belly button sometimes. I think it's just my uterus growing & pushing on it from the inside. It's verging on an "outty" I'm sure.
* Aching hips & legs at night, makes sleep difficult sometimes.
* Sore tailbone when I sit for a while. I've had to buy a coccyx cushion for work (embarrassing). I did injure my tailbone skiing about 2 years ago, not sure if it was broken. I'm worried this will cause problems in childbirth (!).

Apart from all this, I'm still totally stoked to be "with child" :-). I feel pretty good most of the time so I count myself extremely lucky. Only a few weeks now until I fly overseas for work. Not looking forward to it, but at least I'm having a pretty easy pregnancy so far (touch wood) so I should be fine. We have 2 doctors on staff & my hotel is very close to an NHS hospital so I'll be covered. 

OK, that's my situation so far. Here's the latest bump. Not sure it look's hugely different from the others at this angle but I definitely feel bigger & rounder!

June 18, 2012

20 Week Ultrasound

So we were technically 19 weeks + 3 days pregnant today but the scan still shows Malibu measuring ahead. New EDD is November 5, doesn't quite have the same ring to it as 10-11-12 so we're sticking with the latter (like it's gonna happen on time anyway, right?!). Besides, we know EXACTLY when we conceived.

As I'm extremely sleep deprived & too lazy to write a long post I'm gonna cut to the chase - Malibu (baby) is A-OK, normal, abnormality-free!! I'm so happy! I realised I haven't done the "post-wipe TP check" much lately & I'm accepting that I'm really pregnant with a healthy child. Looking at shots like this, though, I still can't quite fathom that this human being is actually inside me!! Not because the infertility demon still lurks in my head, but because it's just so FREAKING AMAZING!!

P.S. We didn't ask for the gender, but DP thinks he saw meat & potatoes! Who knows... ;-)