September 1, 2011

Still pregnant.. still shocked

Ok, so we're still pregnant. 5 weeks tomorrow to be exact! And yes, I'm still in shock!
For some reason, I thought once I got a BFP all my problems would be solved. Not exactly.
I am so anxious! I stupidly keep reading stories about women miscarrying early, or not finding a heartbeat on their ultrasound, or finding it's ectopic. Why do I read??

On the plus side I'm having a few slight pg symptoms which help to calm me down. My sense of smell was the first to kick in. I've almost yelled at the caretakers in my building twice now for using overpowering, toxic chemicals to clean in the corridor.. but then DH says he can hardly notice it! I have to stuff the gap under our door with a towel to stop the smell coming in. And to top it off they've just painted walls at work.. needless to say I have to run past with tissues over my nose & mouth!
And all this isn't helping the slight nausea I'm starting to experience. My stomach feels "empty" all the time & gurgles constantly. I have to eat regularly to feel better. So far so good. I also thought I'd be sleeping all the time but unfortunately I'm finding it hard to get to sleep. I also wake up early when I could actually sleep in. Most annoying. Now I'm just tired all the time & frustrated.
So far I don't have sore or veiny BBs, despite constant monitoring.
I think I look 5 months pg already.. still bloated since the start of my cycle!
And yes, my skin is still nasty. Today I noticed a pimple on my abdomen. What next!!!?
Well, time to attempt some sleep & happy dreams.
Ni-night x

August 29, 2011

ICSI #2 - 12dp5dt - We're preggers!!!!!!!!!

So, had the beta (blood test) this morning. I didn't mention that I'd already tested myself.. the nurse didn't ask & wasn't very chatty. They called me around midday today & said "Congratulations!". I went quiet. It's weird.. I mean, I knew already from the HPTs.. but to have it confirmed by the experts is a whole 'nother thing.

Very excited, very happy, very shocked, very numb, very exhausted. Finally, after 10 years of wishing, I finally have my POSITIVE! My Mum is elated.

Now, I was told to start considering which hospital & which OB I'd like to go to. Decisions decisions! It seems I have to make a decision ASAP. Any advice?? I have private health insurance, but do I go private & pay hefty bills? Do I go as a private patient in a public hospital? Or do I just go public? Should I keep my fertility specialist as my OB (he's a VERY busy man with many commitments) but he's local. I'm sure he'll be very expensive. I'm tossing up between Royal North Shore Hospital (private & public), the Mater, or Manly? I'm closer to the first two, unless we move to the Northern Beaches which we've been considering for some time.

Oh ladies please help me! My head is spinning!!!!


August 28, 2011

Beta tomorrow

First beta (blood test) tomorrow - please wish me luck! DH won't get excited until it's confirmed by the clinic. I'm thinking of POASing again tomorrow morning before we go.. just to make QUADRUPLY sure I'm not rudely shocked by a negative result.

Fingers, toes & everything else crossed for a big number!!