April 27, 2012

12 weeks today!!!

I never thought this day would come.. This has seriously been the longest three months of my life!! I am SOOOOoooo relieved, elated, shocked and.. well.. happy. Just need Monday's NT scan to go well & I'll be a completely changed woman. I still can't believe there's actually a tiny human being inside me (even though my stomach shows otherwise). I have one more work shift tonight before I take a week off for some R & R. I hope I can concentrate. This is pretty close to being the most amazing day of my life. Fingers crossed I have a bigger day in six months time that will top them all! :-) Oh, and my stomach just did a flip when I realised I'm about to enter the second trimester!!! What the? ;-)

April 24, 2012

11w4d pg - Maternity Jeans!

Bought my first maternity items yesterday - 2 pairs of jeans!! :)

Hope I'm not jumping the gun. Was going to wait until after my 12wk scan but my pants & jeans are getting so tight! I found some jeans in Just Jeans that have those adjustable stretchy tabs on the waistband - and they're SOOOOoooo comfy! I'm in heaven! All I need now are some work pants to match.

Six more days and we'll know if we can finally celebrate for real...