August 5, 2011

Antagonizing Cycle

OK.. firstly - LOVE this cycle! So far anyway. It's so much quicker & also easier that I take 2 injections at the same time once a day. On the Long Down Reg it was hard using the nasal spray in the morn, then injection at night, 12 hours apart. Everything's happening & moving along at a speedy pace.

What I DON'T love are these horrendous headaches! Correction: this ONE horrendous 3-day-long headache! Sooooo over it! And my head is hot, and I feel blah, and I'm constipated.. a little bit. I forgot what these nasty (but necessary) hormones can do to you.

And this dildocam business is getting old. Not a fan. Never will be. It's not natural (ironic, I know).

Was highly stressed tonight. Had to give a lift to & from work to one of my lovely colleagues. Unfortunately we were driving home right at the time my injections were due. I couldn't exactly pull over in the tunnel & excuse myself while I grab for my needles. Therefore I was 25 mins late to do them when I got home. Talk about panic! Thank goodness for Dr Google though - apparently as long as it's done within the hour I should be fine. Relief. Can go back to being just averagely neurotic now.

My head hurts. Off to bed to read a non-IVF, non-pregnancy, non-baby related novel. A forced mind break.

July 31, 2011

Here We Go Again..

I'm back.. sorry, it's been a while. You'll be glad to know I've spent the 3 months off IVF treatment, just having a good time. We went on a holiday to Darwin with DP's family & I drank like a fish! Figured I may as well make the most of the time off & enjoy a lovely vino.. or 10! I drowned Dry July!

But today it begins again. I dub thee AA August (1 day early!)

AF turned up dead on time yesterday so back to the clinic today for a blood test, collect my meds & sign away my life... or the next month at least. Oh how rusty I feel! The nurse was a bit stern with me on the phone yesterday. It seems I should have called earlier to organise the paperwork & get an appointment yesterday. Ooops! Naughty me! I felt like a kid getting told off by the teacher. When it's your first cycle the staff are all very calm & patient with you. But God forbid you're an experienced IVF-er & you forget a few simple things!

I was a little panicked when she pushed the Gonal-F pack in my direction & sped through the cycle chart with a brief explanation. I had to ask her to go through it again as it had been a while. I'm sure she was rolling her eyes in her mind. I can't retain too much information okay! As soon as I learn something new I forget the old stuff. And it's been a busy few months at work. Plus, ahem, I'm doing the Antagonist cycle this time, instead of the Long Down Reg, don't you know.

I was also stressing about choosing an injection time for tonight. Once you pick you're locked in! I had to look through my rosters for the next 2 weeks to check when I may be free every night. I hope I've picked well or I'll have to come up with some creative excuses to run to the bathroom with secret object in hand!! Ugh. This shiftwork is seriously non-conducive to a cycle. Have I mentioned that already??? Injection went fine. Just like riding a bike. Did it on my own like a pro. Like the veteran I was supposed to be this morning.

OK, well off to bed to continuing reading "Legs Up And Laughing". I love it. So well written. So relate-able. Wish I could be that entertaining for my readers. Ha. All I get is spam feedback.. and sadly I get excited about that! Goodnight x