November 12, 2014

Long time no write

Hi folks,
Sorry I've been MIA for a couple of months!
I've tried to take a break from overthinking things.. so no blogging, & no reading forums on IVF.
I have to say it's helped my mental state a little.

So here's an update:
We've so far had three unsuccessful full stim cycles for baby number two.
For the last one we decided to go for fresh sperm again rather than using the frozen stuff.
This meant poor DH had to undergo another TESE op (& it was a bit more invasive this time due to a different surgeon's technique, & the fact DH is now on blood thinners for his heart condition). He's thankfully all good now though.
Annoyingly, we only found out just after my EC that they were doing a "freeze all" this cycle due to my elevated progesterone levels (someone was meant to have told me earlier, just like we were meant to be told our usual FS wasn't doing the TESE, therefore it wouldn't be the "minor" procedure promised to us... not happy Jan!).

So, here we are about day 11 of our frozen cycle (hopefully). We had 7 eggs retrieved last cycle, of which 2 survived to day 5 & were frozen. I always wished we could have some frosties, now I get my wish.. but not quite the way we planned!

It feels weird to not be busily injecting during a cycle, like something's missing, but it's awesome. I'm not bloated, & I feel more like myself. Hopefully this is a better place to start from.