August 13, 2011

ICSI #2 - Embie Update (1dpEC)

Today we were told we have 8 eggs/embryos that fertilised successfully. So 10 becomes 9 becomes 8.. not too bad this time around. I'm fairly happy with that.

I'm not, however, happy with my face! It hurts & looks like a puss-ridden pizza.. ew! Sorry, TMI! I feel so ugly right now.. I'm trying to keep my eye on the prize, as hard as it is. I'm also farting like a trooper! Needless to say I'm hiding out at home today.. no-one needs to be exposed to the monster I've become.

Time to get off the stupid computer & read a book or go through my positive affirmations. I need to refocus & get rid of this depressed feeling. It doesn't do anyone any good.

'Til tomorrow :-)

August 12, 2011

ICSI #2 - Egg Collection Day

Sorry I've been slack - to be honest I was a bit sick of my own obsessions & my own voice so I've not bothered posting much this time. And a few weird things have happened this round.. I'll post about that later.

Anyhoo, my EC was this morning! DP also had a TESE or TESA (not really sure which), but basically he was knocked out & had a fine needle inserted into his "boys" to suck some swimmers out. We're both recovering at home at the moment. I'm feeling a bit tender & it hurts when I get up from sitting, but that's to be expected and not so bad that I need pain relief. DP is feeling good - no pain in that area yet but I suspect the local anaesthetic will wear off by tomorrow & he may end up walking like a cowboy.

Everything went pretty similar to last time. However this time I had the added horror of a face full of very nasty angry-looking red zits!! The worst acne I've had for some time - ALL over my chin!! And no - you're not allowed to wear ANY makeup, even concealer, so leaving the house completely bare-faced was possibly worse than the injections AND the operations put together!

So, we get to the clinic (Ms Pizza Face & her clear-complexioned partner). Unfortunately DP still isn't covered for his op by private health insurance as he hasn't served the waiting period... therefore his op cost $1064 so far :-0. At least I was ready for it this time, and I know to expect all the other bills in the mail - anaesthetist, Dr FS fee etc. instead of it being a very nasty surprise. DP & I were admitted & got to "room" together which was nice. He waited there for about half an hour (we think) whilst I had my eggies sucked out, then he was led to the operating room for his procedure. I had just woken up in Recovery & saw him walk past the doorway. He was away for about half an hour to 45 mins whilst I sat in our room to continue recovering & eat the yummy bickies.

Well not much more to tell about the ops themselves. The nurses let us catch a taxi home as we explained all our family & friends live interstate. They usually insist you have an escort but that was pretty difficult in our case.

So we got an update from the lab early this afternoon - of the 10 eggs they collected (we got 11 last time), 7 were mature.. but after a little while 2 others matured also. So, we ended up with 9 mature eggs (we only got 5 last time)! They got enough wriggling sperm from DP to inject all 9 eggs & freeze some for next time if required :)

All-in-all I'm a happy lady. It's still early days but I'm hoping all the positive thinking, chanting & good nutrition are going to hold us & our embies in good stead.

Fingers crossed & happy happy thoughts!!!!!!! ;-)