September 2, 2012

30 weeks - I'm still here! (incl. belly pics)

Hi all,

Sorry I haven't posted for so long.
I got back from London a couple of weeks ago & after a week of severe jetlag then back to frantic work, I've finally found a few minutes to update you all.

All's well here. We're 30 weeks & going strong! Well, Malibu is definitely strong! I have limbs frequently sticking out of my belly now. I poke them back but this little one is stubborn & has started poking me back just to prove a point. LOL.. I love it really!

Work in London was tough.. I'm not kidding anyone. It was grueling &, if I had my time again, I probably wouldn't do it. Not pregnant anyway. I was violently sick for a short time on the flight over and my ankles were swollen the whole time I was away. It was so tiring & I found myself getting very emotional - homesick & missing DP badly! I'm soooooo glad to be home.

Just before I left Australia, I started getting some strong hip & buttock pain. And it only got worse as time went on. Of course my obstetrician just said it was sciatica, to keep taking panadol for the pain & the only cure was childbirth. But I've still got 10 weeks to go - way too long to spend in severe pain with difficulty moving! So I took myself to a physiotherapist who discovered that my pelvis was out of alignment due to a skiing mishap two years ago. The added weight of the baby put more pressure on the ligaments & some were being overworked to compensate for the misalignment. Anyway, she did a great job trying to push everything back into place.. and has given me some exercises.. which I really must do more.. to strengthen my core. Basically I feel a lot better than I did but I'm still a little achy. That I can live with.

So that's pretty much what's been happening in my world. Just six more weeks to go at work before I can (hopefully) put my feet up & just chill for the last time in my life. Malibu had better not have any ideas of coming early. Mummy needs some "me" time!

Sorry if this pic isn't great quality.. am too tired right now to figure out how to make it better. Basically it starts just after 12 weeks & is every four until 28 weeks. Pretty sure I've grown heaps more since the last one so lookout for the 32 week update!! :-/