October 27, 2012

38 weeks - some pics

The finish line is in sight! I can't believe we've only got (give or take) two weeks to go!! I stumbled across a few IVF forums tonight whilst googling (my guilty pleasure) pregnancy & labour stuff. Anyway, they really took me back. I just can't believe I was one of those ladies who was so consumed by the whole process but was too scared to dare imagine they'd be successful. And yet, here I am.

What a ride it's been.

I'm not sure if I'm really ready to let go of this pregnancy. I mean, I'm really starting to struggle carrying this heavy load; I ache all over & can't keep up with the same things I used to power through, like housework, or shopping! But I've just wanted to be pregnant for SO LONG! And it seems to have gone so quickly. I now understand what some women (and I do realise it's only some women) mean when they say they'll miss their bub being inside of them. I know he/she will be on the outside soon & I'll get to enjoy them still, but I'll miss feeling the movement inside my belly. I won't miss the hiccups though!!! ;-) Sheeesh!!

Anyway, I have a few pics I'd thought I'd share. Prepare yourselves, they're not all pretty LOL!

I think this one was taken around 32 weeks. Just some of the weird shapes Malibu creates!

This one was around 35 weeks I think. This kid has sharp heels, or elbows, or something?? Ouch!

My sexy cankles a few weeks ago! :-o 

And this was taken at 37 weeks.. notice the stretch marks sneaking up from the bottom...
There's much darker ones in the middle just above my panty line.
Just when I thought I'd escaped! :-(

Still no sign of labour. I've had a few twinges like "lightning crotch" here & there but nothing significant. No sign of the lovely mucous plug yet either. I'm starting to get anxious for things to progress so I don't go overdue & risk induction but at the same time I've still got things left on my "to do" list before the big day. Just household stuff, do my tax etc. Oh, and I really should schedule some REST. I haven't done much of that at all & I'm told over & over & over (& over) by other mums to make the most of this time as I won't get any later blah blah. I know they're right, but I get bored easily. 

And yes, I know I'm going to regret saying that very soon ;-)

October 24, 2012

37+4 update

Dr wrote on my antenatal card that I'm 3/5 engaged. Woo, we have progress! I hadn't felt much change since last week, in fact I was feeling less pressure & pains down there, so I thought we may have gone backwards if that's possible! He didn't do a cervix check, just felt my belly & listened to the heartbeat. Poor DP - it took the Dr  a few seconds to find which freaked him out! I wasn't too worried cos I'd just felt bub wriggling like crazy.

My blood pressure has gone down a tad, too, which is good. I think I'm settling into maternity leave better this week so it may be due to that. I've been nesting like crazy!! Today I was cleaning window sills, which led to whole windows, which led to light switches etc etc! You'd think Malibu was going to come home & immediately start crawling around licking the walls the way I'm carrying on!

My mum sent me a picture of the portacot she bought for us. We're flying interstate for Xmas to spend time with our families & she is going slightly overboard buying baby things for us to use while there. She started getting really emotional on the texts tonight talking about the special bond between a mother & daughter, and how different it is to when my brothers had their first kids. It was sweet.

Anyway, doc doesn't think I'll be going into labour anytime in the next week so I'm sure I'll have another routine appt post thus time next week. In the meantime I've got a pregnancy photo shoot booked for Friday which should be... interesting. I hope I don't look ridiculous!!