December 30, 2011

Our Year of Loss

Thanks to my new follower Julie for reminding me I haven't updated for a while!

It's been a pretty tumultuous couple of months. I've recovered well from the miscarriage but sadly we had a more terrible loss in the family. My dear 6 year old nephew passed away from Leukaemia. He had been ill for some time but seemed to be doing so well after a stem cell transplant. Unfortunately a few bad cells remained & he just couldn't recover. This is a horrendous blood cancer that doesn't discriminate. It claims too many precious lives in this world. Please forgive me for using this post as a forum to help raise awareness & much needed funds.

The best thing you can do to help is to go on the bone marrow donor list. In Australia you can enquire at  your nearest Red Cross Blood Service office (more info at; it's a simple blood test to find your tissue type & you're on the register! Mothers can opt to donate their baby's cord blood at certain hospitals. You can also donate funds at: in Australia. For those in the UK, please go to for more information. I'm sure there's appropriate charities & registers in other countries too. Unfortunately none of my family were a tissue match for my nephew but he did have a few matches through baby cord blood donations throughout Europe which helped extend his short life.

My family had to fly overseas to attend his funeral. Had I stayed pregnant I'm not sure I would have taken the risk of such a long series of flights. I'm so glad I went & had my chance not only to say goodbye, but also to support my immediate family during this emotional time. It was really important to them & me too. I've decided to be grateful for that chance. Whilst my miscarriage was terribly upsetting, it was nothing compared to the heartache my nephew's parents have gone through. I don't believe you can find any reasoning in a child losing his life so young, but I'm going to believe this is the reason my pregnancy wasn't successful.

We'll never get his life back but I look forward to providing my family with a reason to be joyful in the New Year. 2012 is going to be our Year of Hope & Happiness. I wish this for you too x