February 12, 2016

Injection day

After my blood test this morning I got the call from the clinic to confirm all my levels were good and it was time to start the injections. The nurse rattled off some vague instructions at warp speed and seemed in a hurry to finish the call. I had to stop her and double check a few things.. I think they all just assume if you've done more than a few cycles before that you don't need anything explained. To be honest , in the few months between cycles I pretty much wipe my memory of all things IVF... or at least I try to.

So anyway, I believe my instructions are:

* Begin 300iu Gonal-f and Luveris injections tonight (CD4)
* Continue having Gonal-f and Luveris injections once daily from tomorrow morning
* Add once daily Cetrotide injections on Tuesday (CD8)
* Have blood test and ultrasound next Friday (CD11)

Originally they said my EPU would happen the week beginning Feb 22 so fingers crossed things go according to plan (read: fingers crossed I have more than ONE friggin egg to actually retrieve!).

(This is just the Gonal-f & Luveris)

February 11, 2016

Light period = poor lining??

So I found out yesterday that I'm also meant to be on Luveris again during this cycle. The pharmacist had me pay for it over the phone and then delivered it to me at work today. Tomorrow I will go in to the local branch to have my first blood test for this cycle and find out later if I am to start taking the Gonal-f after that. Tonight I took my last Progynova tablet, so was only on it for a week.

On another topic, today is CD3 and my period is so light. TMI but I barely need a tampon. It does worry me a little that this is reflective of a poor uterine lining. I've mentioned this to a nurse in the past but my concerns were brushed off. My linings have coincidentally been borderline leading up to transfers a few times so I still worry a little. I guess we'll see.

February 9, 2016


It's funny how your period starting can go from being such a massive negative (pardon the pun) one month to being such a great thing the next. This time I'm stoked - it started right on time and signals the start of possibilities.

Last month, for some monumentally STOOOOOPID reason, I had dared let myself believe I *could* be pregnant.. which is 99.99999999999999999999999999% impossible considering DH's 20 year old vasectomy and my.. well.. 40 year lack of fertility.. Why does a supposedly educated, intelligent and mature (ahem) woman talk herself into believing something so ridiculous? Because she WANTS to believe it. I have always had this fantasy that I would eventually fall pregnant naturally despite all our difficulties, just like that Facebook forum poster's cousin's friend's sister's hairdresser's sister-in-law did. If you Google "pregnant despite vasectomy" etc you WILL find a slew of people claiming it happened to them, or someone else they know. What you didn't Google was "delusional woman not pregnant despite thinking she could beat the odds and medical science". Because if you did - you'd see a giant picture of my pitiful self... NOT pregnant. So here I am trying to do many of you a favour.. here I will list all of my "pregnancy symptoms" that were actually just signs of impending AF (or imaginary altogether) and, embarrassingly, a UTI:
* Sore nipples
* Sore breasts
* Bloating
* Frequent urination
* Heavy feeling in the belly
* Strong sense of smell
* Empty feeling in the tummy - frequent hunger

I'm only listing this as I think it would have helped me when I Googled my symptoms, instead of it telling me I was up the duff and getting my hopes up. You might be.. but you also might not. I really hope you actually are.

Anyway, I digress. Today I went into the city to pick up my medications. DP and DS came in with me  for a day out but I went into the clinic alone. The pharmacist asked if I knew what drugs I was picking up which freaked me out a bit.. aren't they supposed to know? Turns out I'm also meant to be taking Luveris on top of the Gonal-f and Cetrotide, which the nurses I spoke to didn't mention. Anyway, a call later confirmed they would send it to the clinic closer to home so I can pick it up when I go for my blood test on Friday. I might be starting them medications on Friday but I think I'll call them tomorrow to confirm AF started today, just in case. My plan is different this time so I just want to make sure I don't stuff anything up.

So we went out after the clinic & had a lovely day, however I had to carry the medications around everywhere in a cooler bag with an ice pack. It was a pretty warm day and I was a bit stressed worrying about whether they were cold enough!! :-/ DH & I had a few drinks with lunch (I always have a few leading up to a cycle just in case I have to abstain for at least 9 months after ;-) but I didn't have enough water to drink so subsequently I have been nursing THE.WORST.HEADACHE I think I've ever had (apart from migraines). Rookie mistake. Thanks Progynova.