February 18, 2012

ICSI #3 - Egg Collection

So my egg retrieval was yesterday & DP had testicular sperm extraction. It feels like such a routine for us now. However the clinic staff buggered up a bit & just sent me down to theatre by myself while DP had to wait upstairs (last time we "roomed" together before surgery). It was only when my FS asked me to remind him if we were using frozen sperm this time (which we weren't - we wanted to use fresh again) that they called up for someone to quickly sort the paperwork for DP. Lucky they did or he may not have made it into surgery in time. I saw him briefly while I was in recovery, just before he went into theatre. We would have pointed out this oversight to them at the time but we thought they knew better & it was part of the plan??

Anyhoo, it was all same same. We went home afterwards & lazed on the couch for a while. I had a snooze cos we had to be at the clinic at 6.30am!! We were there before any staff were.. and were locked out for a while before being trapped in the stairwell cos the lifts weren't operating yet LOL. I wish they told us we'd be the first patients & that they wouldn't be open a minute before 6.30am. Oh well.

So DP is recovering ok.. his bits aren't sore, just a little uncomfortable with the stitches. I'm ok too.. just feel like I've been kicked in the abdomen & have to ease into sitting or standing. I think I'll be fine by Monday when I have to go back to work (my Dr certificate only covered me for one day - seriously??). I'm also bleeding a little this time. I don't remember bleeding the last couple of times but I should probably go back & read my blogs to see if I've just forgotten. My BBs have been super sore for the last week too (especially my nipples - TMI). I think it's just from the hormones I've been injecting.

So to the important stuff - the lab called this morning & from the 10 eggs collected, and the 7 that were mature & therefore injected (ICSI), 5 of those have fertilised. It's not a lot but it's better that none. I'm a bit numb about it all. I've come to terms with it being such a numbers game & just the luck of the draw. We never get loads & the ones we get aren't fantastic. And the pretty good one we got last time was "defective".

So we wait & see.

And get on with our lives.

And hope...