September 1, 2014

ICSI #5 - PUPO positivity

Our embryo transfer was this morning. I had to bring darling toddler in with me as DP was working, daycare wasn't open yet & we have no family in the state. I initially freaked out when I was given the time of the transfer but the clinic assured me it would be ok to bring DS in with me. And it was. I put the blue hat on him & shoe covers over his boots. There was no point trying to put one of the adult sized gowns on him - he would have drowned in it! He brought his iPhone in & sat on the chair next to me. He's such a good boy. I'm so incredibly lucky! :)

I showered with antibacterial soap earlier (I use it on my face for acne & it was less perfumed than my regular shower gel). I didn't get a chance to wash DS as I had to wake him & then hurriedly dress him to go to the clinic. I put a tiny bit of concealer on my pimples but didn't wear makeup, deoderant or perfume.

The procedure was straight forward. FS said we had one beautifully hatching blastocyst to transfer but the only other surviving embryo was at early morula stage. They'll keep an eye on it but he said it would have to get its act together today to be any good to freeze. Yep. Story of our lives. Fifth cycle & fifth time we've only had one decent embryo on transfer day. But yes, it does only take one & DS is proof of that! He was also a hatching blastocyst so I'm fairy pretty positive.

Now for the 2ww. Fingers crossed the crinone doesn't send me insane (again). I'm going to "try" not to google every symptom as I know they can also be side effects of the progesterone or just in my head. I still don't know what the answer is to getting through this time.. except maybe staying busy. Which is a goid thing, as I'm off to work this afternoon! Right now I'm lazing on the couch watching tv, considering going to bed for a quick nap, then I'll have to pick DS up from daycare. I'm missing him but trying to enjoy the rest.