August 28, 2015

Third opinions

Sorry for the delay folks..
I was a bit gutted that we didn't even make it to transfer last round.
That one lonely embryo was rubbish.

So, here we are.
About to start yet ANOTHER cycle at yet ANOTHER clinic.

As I'm screaming (literally) towards 40 (which was my original self-imposed cut-off), I decided to pull out the big guns. Let's not waste anymore time or money. It's time to try Genea. Apparently they have the highest success rates & Dr Mark Bowman is well-regarded for his second (or third in our case) opinions.

After what felt like a relatively rushed but thorough consultation, I signed my life away & signed us up for another shot at hope. Dr Bowman is trying something different, & that's all that I ask. He said if it's going to happen (& he made no promises) then it will happen within the first couple of rounds.

I feel stupid for staying at IVFA for so long doing the same protocol over & over! I should have demanded a reevaluation or moved on after 3 cycles. And then Bump just copied the same protocol. I don't blame Bump. I think they're fine for a couple of tries, especially as they're so affordable, but that comes at a cost - they don't monitor you as much which means there's an element of guesswork involved with timings. It's educated guesswork, but after so many unsuccessful attempts, I needed more. And you have to pay for that.

So after going on Lucrin injections on day 20 of my cycle (CD20) to flatten out my hormone levels, I just had to wait for my period to start before adding Gonal-f and Luveris injections (for follicle growth). I originally asked the nurses how late my period could be on Lucrin as we have a holiday booked (for my 40th) at the end of September.. they said only about 4 days at the most. That would be perfect. At least we'd know about a week out from the trip whether I can drink or not and I'd have a bit of time to regather. So we waited. And waited. And waited.

I woke up today (CD34) with no sign whatsoever of AF. I usually have a 26 day cycle & it's like clockwork. The nurses insisted I come in this morning to test my Progesterone levels. I had an early shift & finished at 9.15am, then had an accupuncture appointment near home at 10.30am. I had to race from work to the train station, catch a train to the City, walk to the clinic, have the test, walk back to the train station, catch the train, and drive to the accupuncture clinic by 10.30.

I was late.
And AF arrived one hour later :-/

So I will add the other drugs into the mix on Monday.. ahhh 3 injections a night. Can't wait.