February 23, 2012

2ww thoughts

We have no frosties.. so frustrated.

Also feeling guilty about flying so soon after ET.
And lifting my cabin luggage.
And eating the sandwich on the plane - it had ham & mayonnaise.

So hungry today.. stomach churning, feels empty all the time (apart from just after the massive room service steak & extra side of fries I smashed earlier). Probably in my mind.
Going out of my mind & it's only been 2 days.

How will I get through this? At least I'll be manically busy at work tomorrow.

February 22, 2012

ICSI #3 - Costs So Far..

Costs so far for this cycle:

$693DP's sperm extraction theatre fees (16/2)
has basic hospital cover - no Medicare rebate

$0My egg retrieval theatre fees - nothing payable (16/2)
top hospital cover

$8645 - ICSI cycle fees (21/2)
Medicare rebate $5062 = out of pocket $3583

$488 - DP's Anaesthetist fees for TESE on EPU day
Medicare rebate $133, waiting for private health rebate

$469 - My Anaesthetist fees for EPU
Medicare rebate $119, waiting for private health rebate

More to come....

ICSI #3 - Embryo Transfer

I'm officially PUPO.. again. We have one embryo on board! I told DP it was like we were picking up our baby from the babysitter.. they've just been minding it for us. He of course shook his head.

The lab will let the other embryos sit overnight & see how they're developing tomorrow. They'll ring & let us know if there's any worth freezing.. fingers crossed but I'll be shocked if there are! We haven't had any success in that department as yet.

But on a positive note, we had one "expanding blastocyst" to transfer. Last time we had a "hatching blastocyst" but this is still just as promising. My FS said it should start hatching within the next few hours or so if it's a good embryo.

Our clinic here in Australia doesn't prescribe bed rest after a transfer, as opposed to the US & other countries, so they usher you out of the transfer room immediately afterwards. It's unnerving to get up so soon but I've researched this & found out bed rest is an outdated recommendation & is now found to be unnecessary. I did, however, lay on the couch watching TV for about an hour when we got home. After that I decided not to waste a beautiful day off from work with DP & we went for a lovely drive up to Newport for lunch. I didn't go for a run or anything but I certainly wasn't still. Fingers crossed the movement increases the blood flow to the right regions for implantation.

Speaking of movement, I'm flying interstate (2hr flight) for work again tomorrow afternoon so I'm a bit nervous about its effect. I'm going to make sure I get up a couple of times & walk around & stretch.. It's also a highly stressful job but I've got to keep as calm as possible. I know it's not good for this situation.

Right now I'm feeling pretty good & fairly positive.

Time to try & fit all my potions into my small carry-on luggage.. I think it's going to be a struggle! ;-)

February 20, 2012

ICSI #3 - 3dpEC Update

The lab called today.. it seems we now have SIX embryos dividing away (one more than the last time they called!). One is only at the 3-cell stage which is lagging behind. Two are already reaching the morula stage ahead of time!! I couldn't hear the assistant properly when she rattled off how many cells the others were at but just glad two are doing so well. They'll call again tomorrow to give me another update & the time for my transfer on Wednesday.

I'm a bit chirpier today. I've been pretty moody lately & poor DP has copped it :( Today I went back to work (for 3.30am thanks very much!!) and my shift went fairly well considering. I'm feeling a lot better today, just a few slight twinges in my belly but nothing too painful. I went back & re-read my blogs from the last 2 cycles. It seems I also had sore nipples as well as bad gas & gas pains then too. It's all coming back to me now. Luckily the bleeding stopped after the first day and a half.

I also just remembered that I drank 100% purple grape juice last cycle & didn't have any handy this time. So we went shopping at the supermarket & could only get reconstituted juice. I'm sure it doesn't make a hell of a difference if I drink it or not but now I'm feeling superstitious - it worked last time so what if it was the juice?! I also bought a pineapple & have just made myself a smoothie with pineapple core, rockmelon, blueberries, chocolate Sustagen Hospital Formula powder, yoghurt & organic full cream milk - it's a little bitter & I'm struggling to down it. Every morning I also eat bran cereal sprinkled with sunflower seeds, pepitas, blueberries & goji berries. The breakfast has been a ritual for some time, as has the organic milk & Sustagen every night. And I only drink Rooibos Tea, no caffeine at all. I'm sure if I was someone else listening to me I'd tell me how ridiculous I'm being LOL! But it's fun to feel like I have some control over the situation.

Well, off to bed. It's another 3am wake-up call for tomorrow! I've been trying to read trashy romance novels every night to take my mind off things.. but I'm sure I will dream of happy little embryos bursting out of their skins to meet me! :-)