July 9, 2014

IVF (ICSI) costs round #4

These are our costs so far for this round of ICSI:

Fertility Specialist initial consult: $195 (covered in full by Medicare cheque)

Cycle fees: $9922 paid upfront the day before embryo transfer
(approx $5256 rebate from Medicare - safety net not reached)
$4666 out of pocket

Egg Collection: $250 (private health excess - AHM)

Embryo Transfer: $250 (private health excess)

EC Anaesthetist: ? approx $500 ? (bill to come)

Ongoing frozen sperm storage: $220 per six months

Paid so far: approx $5766

Should be out of pocket: approx $6200 ??!!!

Hoping there's no other bills to come that I've forgotten about! 😱

Transfer day!

And once again I'm PUPO!

We have one morula onboard. The two embryos that had reached the desired 6-8 cell stage in our last update ended up slowing down & didn't have enough cells. The lab will "keep an eye on them" but they're probably no good for freezing. The third embryo that was only five cells at the update sped up & became a morula (not quite blastocyst) by this morning. The FS said it could be that or maybe the cells were so compacted that it was hard to count the cells properly back then. Either way it's our only hope for this cycle. Out of four cycles now we've NEVER ended up with more than one viable embryo on transfer day! I guess a FET isn't an option for us :(

We found out the day before Egg Collection that our FS was in Bali for a conference & wouldn't be there. We had a female FS fill in instead. She was nice but it was a little disappointing. We weren't expecting him to be back for the Embryo Transfer today either but he actually flew back this morning & scheduled us at midday so he could perform it for us. So lovely & kind of him!

So, we came home, ate lunch on the couch in front of the tv for a while, then went to pick up TJ from daycare & take DP to work. Fingers crossed my darling & overactive toddler sleeps this afternoon!!!

Here goes the dreaded TWW!

July 6, 2014

Crinone Hell

Having a bad day.
I'm now sitting alone on a bench in the local park, shitty that so many people & their dogs are here and I can't have a private breakdown! And one dog just sniffed my butt. Seriously.
Go away people! Stop enjoying your leisurely Sunday & feck off!! Go home to your effing blissful lives!
I have a toddler at home who's pining for the dummy & won't effing sleep.
I have a hubby who is ignorantly going about his day getting little outside jobs done & not interested in the war brewing inside.
I have a body going completely nuts from the bombardment of chemicals injected into & squirted up it!
I am going out of my mind & no-one fucking cares.
The world goes on.
And so must I.
But for now I'm sitting alone on a park bench trying to hide the ridiculous & irrational tears welling up inside me.. while hubby is home with our gorgeous (no doubt fast asleep) toddler, probably wondering what all the fuss is about.
Fuck you Crinone!