November 15, 2011

Update - 5wks post D&C

Thanks to my first ever commenter & follower for reminding me to post this update! Welcome Kate!!

So it's 5 and a half weeks since my D&C, after a suspected partial molar pregnancy, and all is going fairly well (as well as can be). We had our appointment with our FS last week & it appears my HCG has returned to negative i.e. I no longer have the nasty pregnancy hormone in my system, therefore I won't have to have any chemo & won't have to wait 6-12 months to try again. Whoop whoop!! He said normally he'd advise his patient to wait that time out, just in case, but he's fairly confident I'll be fine & said I'm not getting any younger (gee thanks).

As my levels returned to normal so quickly, and the fact that we did ICSI (one sperm injected into one egg), AND I never had any morning sickness whatsoever, I'm confused somewhat. This contradicts all the research I've read about molar pregnancies. I went into the Dr's office armed with a list of questions to that effect. He basically admitted the industry still knows very little about WHY molar pregnancies occur. He said the idea that it's caused by 2 sperm fertilising one egg has since been debunked. But he still seemed pretty fixed on the diagnosis.

As I DID indeed fall pregnant, his confidence that we'll fall pregnant again is high. I'm also fairly confident, but not so confident now in the "normality" of future embryos. Apparently they can't pick this sort of stuff up at the lab stage. It's just a wait & see game.

One good concession I got out of the doc was that he'd consider implanting 2 embryos next time, depending on their quality. If we get a couple of "excellent" ones, he'll only put one back. But if there's a couple of average ones that might not survive freezing, he might consider adding them together. In the past we've only ever had one decent embryo left at the 5 day stage so it's never been an issue. But it's good to know he'll consider it.

So now to the BAD news - Christmas is coming, plus I have so much work travel booked over the summer that we just can't do a cycle! I'm so bummed!! I would love to start again in January but my schedule doesn't let up until March. Even then it's still busy, but at least I won't be travelling all over the countryside at that point.

My plan for now - eat, drink, be merry, have fun, forget babies (ha), remember life, love & .... try to enjoy my freedom.

Truth be told, I can't wait to be tied down by a little one x