May 4, 2012

13wks belly pic (& due date of lost baby)

So today we are 13 weeks pregnant. It's also the due date of my first pregnancy (technically tomorrow). I am soooo glad I'm pregnant (obviously) but even more so right now as tomorrow would be way more devastating. I can't believe it's already 9 months since we first conceived! Time flies! I'm not sad though. THIS is the baby we were meant to have. And good things come to those who wait.... and wait... and wait... ;-)

Here's our first belly pic. It's my "relaxed" tummy.. but to be honest the one where I was sucking it in wasn't much smaller. No wonder my clothes are so tight! I keep laughing at how pointy it is! So weird.. I'm still a bit freaked out by how much my body is already changing at this early stage. I can't wait to look properly pregnant instead of just bloated!

Oh, and we just got back from our 4 days away on the South Coast. It was lovely! So relaxing. However I exactly wasn't feeling the best: headaches & nausea settling in, much worse than the past 12 weeks :( The headaches are the worst & I've had to succumb a few times & take some Paracetamol. 

I also forgot to add that we met with our lovely Obstetrician Dr P just before we took off. He took my blood pressure (as usual) and I was expecting it to be "perfect" as I'm always told. However he asked if I was still alive! Apparently it was quite low (hence the dizzy spells lately). He also went through my blood test results which found that I'm Vitamin D deficient. He prescribed more time in the sun! It's a common problem for us shift workers unfortunately. Luckily we had the most amazing weather whilst we were away so I spent a bit of time lazing around by the pool & on the beach (way too cold to go in!). I am feeling a bit better now but the headache is still hovering around. I'm trying to glug as much water as I can to ward it off. Will see how I go...

April 30, 2012

12 week NT Scan!! (updated pics)

The looooongest wait ever.. but finally we had our 12 week scan & ALL IS GOOD!!! WOOOOooo!!

Finally got to do the Facebook announcement thing (which I hated others for doing but couldn't help myself).

I thought I may have seen a little penis but I may have been wrong..

Any gender guesses are warmly welcomed! We're not going to find out but I love the fun of guessing!

So my phone hasn't stopped beeping & my Facebook notifications are off the charts! I never thought I'd see this day. To all those out there still trying, I can only say NEVER LOSE HOPE. It's so worth it in the end :-) xx

Note the cord around its neck in the pic above! Apparently this is ok & happens all the time as they move about. All the other pics happened after I was made to walk around & drink water to get the baby to change position. After that the baby became untangled. Scary!