September 21, 2015

Birthday blasty on board..

Apologies for not updating sooner.. I wrote three quarters of a post a few days ago before Blogger had a conniption and I lost it all! Ugh.

Anyway, to cut to the chase - we have one Blastocyst on board! And nothing in the freezer.. as usual.

My belly is still bruised (the biggest one from acupuncture!), I'm still bloated, but mostly doing ok. I caught a head cold and then developed a tummy bug right before, during and after egg collection. Reeeeeeallllly not ideal timing! Of course I couldn't take anything apart from Paracetamol. The nurse in the day surgery asked if I was feeling well and I had to whisper to her about the upset stomach. She said it was probably fine. They only managed to retrieve two eggs.. which I guess I should be happy about seeing as it was one more than last time. I only had mild sedation (fentanyl) and a local anaesthetic. This time the sedation took effect straight away - this doctor didn't muck around! The room was spinning but at least it wasn't too painful. Hubby was allowed in with me but then I was wheeled back to my cubicle to recover and he was taken away for his TESA (testicular sperm aspiration) under a general anaesthetic (his choice LOL). They said it would take 20 mins or 40 mins depending on whether they had to try both sides. I had no watch or clock but I'm sure he was away for at least an hour! And nobody came to update me! Now hubby has a heart problem and they quizzed us repeatedly about his medication and whether he should have stopped taking it beforehand. Needless to say I was freaking out! In the end I buzzed a nurse. She went away for about 10 mins to find out and then wheeled me over to his cubicle where he was just waking up. Why they couldn't have just put him straight into my cubicle in the first place I don't know! They only ended up needing to work on one side so he would have been out of surgery for at least half an hour. So frustrating!

Anyway, lesson to self - if we have to go again, TAKE THE NEXT DAY OFF WORK! I was convinced I would be fine given my past procedures. However this time I had to start work at 3pm and felt like I'd been hit by a truck! The cold and diarrhea really didn't help either. So for the next three shifts I was allowed to start at 6pm and only do a 4.5hr shift. Thank god I quit my last job.. I NEVER would have had that flexibility!

So we had our transfer on Saturday (I had to go by myself as it was 7am in the city and our darling toddler usually sleeps in until 7.30am) and I had barely slept. We went out to dinner with friends the night before and they stayed til 11.30pm! We had our toddler babysat at home and I forgot to tell her he still wears a nappy to bed. So at 3am I was awoken by a sad little soul covered in pee. By the time I got back into bed my dodgy tummy was back I had trouble getting back to sleep. That 6am alarm was the worst sound I've ever heard! I just felt like everything was conspiring against me this cycle! But thankfully the scientist greeted me in the cubicle with the good news that we had one blastocyst. The other embryo was a bit slow so they were going to "keep an eye on it" and see if it developed further and caught up. They never do. I went straight to the acupuncturist after my transfer. She fitted me in despite it being her day off. She said it was the most important one so she would have made sure she could do it for me.

So now..... we wait. This time it's a bit different. We fly to Fiji on Saturday (I'll be 7dp5dt) for my 40th birthday and I'm still not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Yes it will take my mind off things.. but I won't be able to go crazy and enjoy some deadly cocktails. I'm kind of kicking myself now. I should have listened to hubby but my usual impatience won out. I don't really know when my period is due as the Lucrin mucked up my cycle.. but I have a terrible feeling it's bang on my birthday. I'm stocking my suitcase up with sanitary products just in case.. and a few HPT sticks (although the Ovidrel I've been using for luteal support probably means I won't get an accurate result until a bit further on).

God this could all go horribly pear-shaped. This birthday will definitely be memorable.. but hopefully not for all the wrong reasons.