January 30, 2016

My IVF timetable & supplement regime

I took a break from all supplements apart from my multivitamin since our last unsuccessful cycle in September. I find when I'm taking them, it's really difficult to take a mental break from TTC - I am reminded daily.

I started up again in December sometime I think, so it's only been around 6-8 weeks. I planned to get back into IVF in March so I would have a good 3 months to get my system back in shape & give the supplements time to kick in. But a work opportunity has come up from March onwards which will make it difficult to take time off for procedures. So, we're jumping right back in now. Here's our draft timetable for the full stim cycle:

* Feb 2 (CD21) - begin taking Progynova 2mg twice a day

* Feb 12 - go in for a blood test & pick up my other medications (Gonal-f & Cetrotide), if all is well, start morning Gonal-f (FSH) injections

* Feb 16 - begin morning Cetrotide injections

* Feb 19 - follicle scans & blood test

* Feb ?? - Trigger injection tba

* Feb 22 - estimated week of egg collection

And here's what supplements I'm taking:

* Elevit multivitamins- 1 daily
* Fish oil - 1500mg once daily
* Probiotics - broad spectrum 35 billion once daily
* CoQ10 - 150mg once daily
* Iron + C (GP put me on these as I was pretty low & exhausted)

I'm trying to up my protein intake, more salads, less sugar (difficult!) aaaaand.... I'm back on full fat organic milk. I went dairy free about 12 months ago due to bad acne (definitely helped) but I wonder if that's hindering my fertility these days? We'll see if that helps.

I'm back

Funny, it's just occurred to me - I wonder how many times I've begun a post with "Well, here we go again." At least it would be funny, if it wasn't so depressing.

I was planning to wait until March to do another (probably our final) round of IVF, so I could get fit & healthy.. but an opportunity has come up to do some freelance work for my old employer starting in March & possibly right through to October. This will mean weekly commitments that I have to stick to.. so no time off for procedures. I called the clinic to check I wasn't too late to start the Progynova this month.. I made it by the skin of my teeth.

So today I dragged my 3yo kicking & screaming (literally) into the city to pick up my drugs. Every single time I feel like a novice with no clue (especially when I've had a big break from it), but it doesn't help when I've been put on a different protocol the last few times! So I ask the nurses a LOT of questions. They seem a bit bemused by my ignorance, considering I should be a pro at all this by now!

I start taking 2mg of Progynova twice a day on Feb 2 (cycle day 21) and go back in on Feb 12 (regardless of whether AF has arrived) for a blood test & to pick up the other medications (Gonal-f & Cetrotide). Then hopefully my EPU should happen around the week beginning Feb 22................... the  date of my embryo transfer back in 2012, which resulted in the conception of my son.