February 5, 2012

All Aboard Again.. Cycle #3

Well, we've started again.. we're two days into cycle #3.

It ended up being a spur of the moment decision. I was intending to start a cycle in March but then found out from my boss that someone in my department had booked annual leave & that I couldn't also take time off. I thought I could book a week off around egg retrieval to avoid questions over my absence. But alas. She also said April was a definite no-no and another colleague may need time off in February. I was so annoyed. I'm meant to be going overseas for a big work project in July so I felt like my time was running out.

So, AF came a little early and I thought "bugger it, I'm going for it". After all, we're not getting any younger. I'm 37 this year & DP is 52. I'm putting life into perspective and work is so far down the list these days. They can't stop me from doing IVF. Everyone seems to be able to fall pregnant at the drop of a hat and work has no choice but to grant them time off. Now it's my turn.

Our only fly in the ointment is that I'm flying interstate on Tuesday (which is Cycle Day 5) and not coming back until Cycle Day 9. The clinic are being quite good in that they're letting me come in early on Tuesday before my flight to collect all the drugs I'll need to get me through. They were a bit reluctant but it seems my specialist is ok with letting me go unmonitored for a few days. It's just lucky that I've done this Antagonist cycle before & my levels didn't go off the chart, so they're fairly confident I'll be ok this time.

So, fingers crossed! And off we go...