July 14, 2012

23 weeks - Need Sleeeeep!!

Wow - I just re-read my last post.. hormonal much? A slight overreaction. 

I'm back to myself again. Feeling positive & happy & lucky & blessed. Because I am.

I am pregnant and my little one reminds me every day that he/she is really in there. 
I'm starting to actually SEE my belly jolt from the outside now & it's bizarre LOL!

But what I'm not really loving is the lack of sleep. The last few weeks I've found it painful lying in bed. I start lying on one side but it hurts within a couple of hours so I wake up & have to roll over to the other side, and vice versa (which isn't easy when you've got to lug a big belly every time). I've got a body pillow (called George :) which I'm learning to straddle to keep the weight & pressure off my hips. It's starting to help a little, but now my knees & ankles are aching too & I have to keep flexing & moving to stop them seizing up. Oh the joys! Poor DP - lucky he's a good sleeper & can easily fall back to sleep once I've disturbed him! As a result of all this I'm getting up early cos I just end up frustrated in the morning & give up! Also I seem to wake Malibu up early & start getting kicked as protest! Not that I mind that of course, but I can't get back to sleep then cos I like to rest my hand on my belly & communicate with him/her.

As if the aches weren't enough, I think the lack of sleep is also attributed to my mind not switching off. One thing I can't stop thinking about is NAMES! Ugh. We've had our boy's name sorted since before we fell pregnant. We've come up with some other back-ups but we've both liked one particular name for ages. As for our girl's name.... well that's another story! We've got a list a mile long & none of them seem to be right. Either DP doesn't like them, or I'm not fussed, or we like the name but it doesn't roll off the tongue with the surname, or it doesn't go with the middle name which is fixed, or it could be hard for people to spell, or easily mispronounced etc etc etc! We keep coming up with new names which doesn't make the process any easier. I lie in bed some nights just going through the alphabet & making up names! It does my head in!

The other thing on my mind is that I fly overseas for work in 4 days. I'm REAAAALLLLY not looking forward to the flight. Especially as my obstetrician said he doesn't want me to sleep onboard, he wants me to keep moving around every hour or more. I am going to be One.Grumpy.Passenger when I get to the other end!! I pity my colleagues travelling with me! I'm also travelling cattle class & desperately trying to get upgraded for some extra room. I don't like my chances. Apart from that, I'm pretty much working 10 hour shifts for 3.5 weeks solid with NO DAYS OFF. Why did I agree to this? I'm asking myself the same question. A few weeks back I wasn't as anxious cos I was feeling great! I didn't know what my friends & family were worried about. And both my obstetrician & GP assured me that taking this trip wouldn't put the baby in any danger. They were both very positive about me going. But now the aches have set in. Yikes! As much as this is going to be a great experience & probably my last big hurrah for a long time, I just can't wait until it's over & I'm back home. I'm also going to miss DP dearly.. obviously. He's going to miss a whole month of this pregnancy & I feel guilty. But he's philosophical about it. He said it will make the pregnancy go quicker and I'll be that much bigger when I get back.

And on that point, I'll leave you with a conversation we had last week:

DP: I wish you'd hurry up & have this baby.

ME: Why?

DP: Cos I'm bored & got no-one to play with.

ME:   :-)