March 22, 2012

6w6d pg - First Scan (pic added)

I was supposed to have my first ultrasound tomorrow morning but, as I had feared, the clinic rang me today to reschedule as the OB had an "emergency procedure" tomorrow. I almost had a meltdown! In the end they managed to fit me in this afternoon which was a huge relief!

The Dr ended up admitting that the "emergency procedure" was a TV appearance :-/ and he was a bit embarrassed for the inconvenience it caused me.

Anyway, cut to the chase.. We have a baby, a yolk sac & a flickering heart! Yay! But the Dr knows that won't relax me as we saw a heartbeat last time & lost it after that. So he's getting me back in 2 weeks for another scan which is great.

I'm happy for now. This one looks different, looks good, & I'm going to enjoy that for now.
The nausea is also a comfort strangely.. although I haven't barfed.. yet.