March 6, 2016

2ww "symptoms" so far

I've never felt right about posting my "symptoms" in case a reader relies on them - either getting depressed that they don't experience the same things, or getting false hope from them. God knows I read enough forums & blogs myself, so I'm a bit of a hypocrite. But so many times I've had what I was sure were BFP symptoms, only to get AF right on time. So perhaps that will help others to see symptoms can go either way? I've also been using Ovidrel (same as trigger) for post EC support, which can be responsible for some things. Having said all that, here goes:

1-3dp5dt - nothing much.. perhaps a little fleeting nausea, burping, bit of heartburn, occasional abdominal cramps (but could all be in my imagination), ongoing sensitive nipples (they were sore before EC so probably due to medications), vivid dreams about being chased/attacked & defending myself, tired, 1 bit of stringy CM on TP on day 3 (very pale brown colour)

4dp5dt - no more nausea but a little short of breath, tiny bit of burping & heartburn, tired, lots of pains behind my belly button, strong sense of smell, trouble getting to sleep

5dp5dt - constant pains behind & slightly above my belly button (like needles) & a little bit itchy?, some slight occasional cramping & tightness in my abs and also low down, not a strong sense of smell anymore, gurgling stomach when lying down, lots of sneezing (but possibly due to smoke from a local backburn), possibly more veins in boobs but not sure if I'm looking too hard, slightly tender boobs, a few extra pimples on chin but not unusual for approaching AF. Forgot about transfer & lifted hubby's barbell today to move it for vacuuming - stupid!! Difficulty getting to sleep - stuffy nose, slightly wheezy, coughing, uncomfortable, throbbing pulse.

6dp5dt - after all those "symptoms" yesterday, today was a non-event, apart from waking up with AF type pains, then having a mild ache in my hips and lower back & an extra giant zit on my forehead (both of which are my usual signs of impending AF). Undie inspections are in full swing.

7dp5dt - AF-type cramps in my tummy ALL.FREAKIN.DAY! Torture. Went to the loo about 50 times to "check", as well as 3 lots of number two's (surely that's a lot in one day!). Chin absolutely covered in zits. Mild sore throat on & off. Depressed. Emotional. Fearful. Can't stop thinking about how I'm feeling & when AF will rear its ugly head to tear my heart out. As shitty as this experience is, I want to stop time. Let hope linger a little longer. Last cycle on similar medications my period started day 30 (the day before my 40th bday in Fiji).. day 30 is tomorrow. Tomorrow.

8dp5dt - continuing cramps, on & off. They vary in location from being lower down like AF to upper abs, to hips & lower back. Face looks like a pizza. Slight sore throat. Have tried to go to bed early but now have a headache, earth shattering burbs & feel blah. Undie check is hourly, with "that feeling" leading to multiple false alarms. I'm tired.. of running to the bathroom. Boobs don't look or feel any different. Don't feel that nauseous. Appetite hasn't increased. Sense of smell isn't any stronger. And I'm actually glad.. there's nothing worse than false hope!

9dp5dt - well, this morning I went to the loo, wiped, and there it was. I guess that's that.