February 28, 2016

Day 3 embryo progress

The scientist called this morning & I rushed out of the shower to answer the call... with my fingers crossed the whole time.

The two embryos we had on day 1 have both made it to day 3 - both are at the 8 cell stage. She said at this point they like to see between 6 & 8 cells so they're both on track. She reiterated that they have a lot of developing to do over the next couple of days so there is a chance one or both could falter after this yada yada. We'll get another call tomorrow from a nurse with an update & details about our transfer on Tuesday, if we get that far.

I think I will end up with arthritis or something from all the finger crossing..

PS. I had a lovely day out today with hubby & little guy. I also ended up quite tipsy. I know many wouldn't do it, but I'm throwing caution to the wind & just enjoying life this time. It was a great day :-)

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