October 31, 2012

38+4 weeks - ENGAGED!


Had OB check-up today. We're engaged! Well, the baby's head is.. in my pelvis. Dr said it's moved down nicely & doesn't think I'll have any problems (read: "you have child-bearing hips"). He said bub is still average size & going along nicely.

He didn't check my cervix or anything, just felt my belly (and commented that I had a nice big belly happening - thanks very much!). He checked the heartbeat & my blood pressure & said everything's spot on. He didn't want to intervene or poke or prod me too much. He said he was just going to let nature take its course at this point because I seemed to be going so well. He didn't think I'd go overdue at all but said, as this is an IVF ICSI pregnancy, he'd want to start talking induction if I went a few days over. I guess this is because we know the exact date of conception & there can be no margin for error like there is with a naturally conceived pregnancy. But again, he said he would expect things to start happening "soon".

It's so exciting & yet so frustrating not knowing at what moment this ball could get rolling. Or how. Will my water break? Will I start getting contractions? Will I lose my plug or have a bloody show? Cos apart from the fleeting stabbing pain in the vajayjay (lightning crotch), I've had no signs. I'm nesting like crazy, but I think that's just because I know I'm running out of time to get things organised at home. We did our tax returns today, returned an item to a store for a refund, took some old clothes to the charity bin, & I sorted out one of my wardrobes. I've also been listing a bunch of stuff for sale on ebay, but panicking that it'll sell while I'm in labour or at the hospital & will forget to post it out. Ha, there's another job for DP. Lucky him!

Speaking of my Darling Partner, I was adding a few items to my hospital bag & discovered a surprise box of chocolates that he'd stashed in there. So cute! But not sure if they're really there for him to stuff in my mouth to stifle the screams?? Either way, I love chocolate. So whatever works ;-)

OK, well until anything else happens.. or doesn't.. goodnight.
**crossing fingers labour doesn't happen tomorrow because it's Halloween & the anniversary of DP's mother's passing**